Welcome to the Railway and Mining Museum of Oignies

Events at the “Centre de Denis Papin” of Oignies

We are open in 2017 on the following Sundays 14:00 to 18:00

CMCF Sunday opening 2017
CMCF is in the town of Oignies close to Lille, France,
and is open on the 2nd Sunday of the warm months
9th 14th 11th 9th 13th 10th 8th

In addition to the CMCF facilities (the building containing the winding engine, workshops and miniature railways; the workshop where the full sized Pacific is being restored and the ride-on steam trains), the mine museum and the SNCF postal carriage museums are also open.

2017 festival flyer

Although you may visit on the second Sunday of the month to view the museum, the models and ride on the miniature trains, our main event is the annual “Festival of steam”. Make a note in your diary for our next festival of steam:

The 2017 Festival of Steam

On Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th August 2017 the “Centre de la Mine et du Chemin de Fer de Oignies (62)” will hold its 23nd Festival of Steam. Full sized and model railways will be exhibited at the Centre Denis Papin. The Festival will be open from 10am until 6pm each day. Click the image opposite for a larger view.

The theme for this year is “The Marshall plan and its locomotives”.

On show will be the diesel locomotive type A1A A1A 62094, manufactured by Baldwin in Philiadelphia in 1946 and supplied to France under the Marshall plan. Based at the Lens depot, this machine was transfered to CMCF in 1996 after its retirement.

As a special attraction the wartime vehicle society based at Wingles, Association Véhicules Mémoire Passion de Wingles, will display a number of military vehicles which illustrate those participating in the D day landings of June 1944. A Dodge, equipped with railway wheels, will be displayed in front of the Pacific workshop and will offer short rides to our visitors.

There will of course be our normal attractions:

  • Steam and electric locomotives on a 700m circuit in 5″ and 7¼″ gauges offering free rides for adults and children.
  • A steam Traction Engine giving rides around the complex.
  • Presentations of the clubs activities and the historical collections of CMCF will be available throughout the day on both days.
  • Large railway layouts of various small gauges will be in operation.
  • Access to the workshops where the SNCF Pacific Steam Locomotive is being restored will be available to all visitors.
  • Stalls where you can buy from specialist suppliers will be open on both days.
  • Six postal carriages containing the museum dedicated to the history of travelling sorting offices.
  • A mine museum in the old mine training school.
  • Drinks and food stalls.

Entrance fee: Adults 6 euros, juniors (8 to 16 years) 3 euros, accompanied children 8 and under - no charge. Group visit (minimum 20 persons) 3 euros. PROSITEC members holding a pass 3 euros.

Some photos of the 2012 festival illustrate the range of locomotives and other attractions at our steam festival.

We welcome visitors with their own 5 inch or 7¼″ locomotives, trams and rolling stock (whether steam or not).

Our site has room to accommodate caravans and camper vans with their own toilet facilities for the duration of the open weekend. Unfortunately we cannot accomodate tents since the only toilet and washing facilites we have are in a building which is secured and alarmed overnight. Also, if you are holidaying on Continental Europe you can deposit your locomotive with us we will gladly store it for the duration of your holiday (unfortunately at your risk).

If you wish to bring something, store it or put your caravan on our site please contact us at least 3 weeks in advance.

Both the 2012 festival and the 2011 festival included steam traction engine rides around the compound. The 2009 festival contained an important moment for the society; the lifting of the boiler of the Super Pacific.