Welcome to the Railway and Mining Museum of Oignies

Visit Us

We are situated about 90 minutes drive from Calais. We are open to the public on the afternoon of the second Sunday of the month in the warmer months. You will need the dates we are open, the access plan and tarifs

Festival - raising steam

Come and Enjoy our Festival of Steam on the last full weekend in August

Each year we have a 2 day festival of steam which is open to the public. Bring a child as an excuse for riding on our miniature steam trains. Adults also permitted! The "small gauge" layouts will all be in operation. If you want to talk to fellow enthusiasts, you will find several able to speak English. If you enjoy engineering then come and look around our extensive workshops and see the projects which are underway. Visit the mine simulation and the main-line locomotives. You will need the access plan and tarifs

Perhaps a Guided Visit?

A guided visit can be tailored to your interests e.g. small scale models, steaming a small engine, a tour around the main line steam exhibits, visit to the simulated mine. Please let us know (via the Mairie) your interests, numbers and dates and we will respond to you with what we can offer for those dates.

The Association

Our small association is run by a management committee with representation from each of the three sections, small scale (e.g. table top modelling), "live steam" 5 and 7 1/4 inch gauge and standard gauge locomotives.

Contact us!

If you need further information or indeed wish to join the association, then you can

contact us for further information.